If you made it this far, it’s because you saw something you liked, or maybe you didn’t and you think we should stop wasting time and do something else. Like being a panda keeper or a golf ball diver. 

Well, if you don’t think we should be spending 8 hours a day immersed in artificial lakes looking for some of the 420 million golf balls that are lost annually, we invite you to give us a call. 

We are ready for you. 

But don’t call us, it would be nice to say call us because of the Horvilleur song that is playing. Send a WhatsApp, nobody calls anymore. Unless you’re in jail or you’re running a scam over the phone that will go wrong and land you in jail. 

Agustín Aiassa / Linkedin
+54 9 351609-6876

Julián Tedesco / Linkedin
+54 11 33787278