About Us

A knife that doesn’t cut.
Failing to open the window on a bus.
Taking a shit without a bidet. (if you don’t know what a bidet is, we feel sorry for you)
Having to share the armrest.
People thanking the universe.
These are frustrating things. 

But none comes close to the frustration of an idea that doesn’t see the light of day. 

But how nice it is when they do, that 0.1% is what you can see in our portfolio today.

Currently working at David Madrid.

Ps: The pizza in the photo fell on the floor after seeing the flash light. Maybe it’s not always nice for something to see the light. We also added this because every text from a creative needs a ps:

Another ps: We owe the beauty of this page to Chinchulina, «la chinchu» for those who know her. 

Our work too, because she is our inspirational muse. The ones in the photo are our inspirational muzzas. (We swear that the play on words works in spanish).